Condominiums are now a big trend. Everyday, you see new condos rising left and right. Somehow, it is also a symbol of development and progress. But not all condos are the same. Because of a tight competition, every developers try to infuse something different. A wise condo buyer knows how to balance things out. For a first time buyer, here are some points you may want to consider before signing that one big deal:


–  Most condos are built onbusiness districts and commercially developed areas. It is because majority of the condominium market are professionals. You may pick a unit closer to your work. Make that a top priority. Establishments are scattered around the area like foods and other services. You don’t have to worry about those anymore. In terms of transportation, most developers are trying to find locations where transportation is easily accessible. They use it as one of their major advantage.  Makati, Ortigas and Taguig are just some of the top areas where you can find a good condo unit.

If you are aiming for Makati, you may want to try One Pacific Place by ACI Group and Cactus Realty Corp located at Salcedo Village Makati. 


– Yes guys! It is a battle of what a condo can offer more. Swimming pools, gyms, activity areas and a hotel like lounge. These are just some of the top features condominium developers are offering. If you are up for some more fun, you can choose a resort vibe condo or even an internationally themed condo with interesting construction designs.

We found one with something not every one can offer. Would you want to live in a condo with a DVD library and a movie room? Choose Grand Soho by Century Properties.


3.  SIZE

Condos are common for independent people. It is usual for a single person to get a condo because of its manageable size.  However, condos now are getting bigger in floor area to cater families who are prefer condos over traditional housing options. In choosing one, make sure that the size of the unit fits your personal needs and daily activities.


All condos are equipped with the best security features. CCTV cameras are a must for a condominium building because most cities require such. But security doesn’t end in your place.Remember that once you stepped out of your building, security will depend more on yourself. Just pick an area with good lighting at night. It is also good if you choose an area with active establishments and activities around even at night.

Here’s one you may want to consider:  Elizabeth Place in Makati City. 


This is an overused tip but still very important. Condos range from 1 million to as high as 50 million pesos. It just depend on what type of unit you want to buy. Set a workable budget and stick to it. If you want to get a more affordable unit, go for a pre-selling condo. It just might take time for you to get it but it is a lot cheaper than buying a ready for occupancy unit.

This is not a step by step guide. You may want to focus more on price rather than the location. It depends on how you would want to manage your own resources. May you find your first unit now! Have a happy condo hunting!

(created by Property21 social media team)


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